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      County Zoning - County of Hawaii(2)
      County Zoning - City and County of Honolulu(3)
      County Zoning - Island of Maui(6)
      Special Management Areas(21)
      Important Agricultural Lands(4)
      Conservation District Subzones(1)
      State Land Use Districts(20)
      Land Use Planning and Allocation Guide (LUPAG) - County of Hawaii(22)
      Kauai General Plan(7)
      Development Plan Areas(24)
      Statewide Large Landowners(19)
      Government Lands(23)
      Parcels - Department of Defense(13)
      Niihau Parcels(10)
      Kauai Parcels(9)
      Oahu Parcels(11)
      Maui County Parcels(30)
      Hawaii County Parcels(5)
      TMK Zones(27)
      TMK Sections(28)
      TMK Plats(26)
      Statewide TMKs(25)
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