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Generate KML (FreshWater)

      Streams (DAR)(1)
      Streams with Aquatic Resources (HSA)(13)
      Streams with Cultural Resources (HSA)(14)
      Streams with Diverse Resources (HSA)(15)
      Streams with Riparian Resources (HSA)(16)
      Aquifer Lines (DLNR)(2)
      Aquifer Polygons (DLNR)(3)
      Aquifer Polygons (DOH)(4)
      Underground Injection Control (UIC) Line(20)
      Hydrographic Units(5)
      Inland Water Quality Standards Classifications(6)
      Restricted Watersheds(7)
      NHD Points(9)
      NHD Flowlines(10)
      NHD Lines(11)
      NHD Areas(18)
      NHD Waterbodies(19)
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