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Generate KML (FreshWater)

      Streams (DAR)(1)
      Streams with Aquatic Resources (HSA)(13)
      Streams with Cultural Resources (HSA)(14)
      Streams with Diverse Resources (HSA)(15)
      Streams with Riparian Resources (HSA)(16)
      Moku - Ridge to Reef(21)
      Region - Ridge to Reef(22)
      Aquifers (DLNR)(3)
      Aquifers (DOH)(4)
      UIC Line (Underground Injection Control Line)(20)
      Underground Injection Control Polygons(17)
      Hydrographic Units(5)
      Inland Water Quality Standards Classifications(6)
      Restricted Watersheds(7)
      Watersheds - DLNR-DAR Version(23)
      NHD Points(9)
      NHD Flowlines(10)
      NHD Lines(11)
      NHD Areas(18)
      NHD Waterbodies(19)
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