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Legend (ParcelsZoning)

County Zoning - County of Hawaii (2)
(breakwater) (breakwater)
(flood) (flood)
(pier) (pier)
(pond) (pond)
(river) (river)
(road) (road)
A-100a A-100a
A-10a A-10a
A-1a A-1a
A-200a A-200a
A-20a A-20a
A-255a A-255a
A-2a A-2a
A-35a A-35a
A-3a A-3a
A-400a A-400a
A-40a A-40a
A-500a A-500a
A-5a A-5a
A-600a A-600a
A-7a A-7a
A-8000a A-8000a
A-80a A-80a
A-8a A-8a
A-900a A-900a
CG-10 CG-10
CG-20 CG-20
CG-7.5 CG-7.5
CN-10 CN-10
CN-20 CN-20
CN-40 CN-40
CN-7.5 CN-7.5
CV-10 CV-10
CV-15 CV-15
CV-1a CV-1a
CV-20 CV-20
CV-38 CV-38
CV-40 CV-40
CV-7.5 CV-7.5
FA-1a FA-1a
FA-2a FA-2a
FA-3a FA-3a
FA-5a FA-5a
MCX-10 MCX-10
MCX-1a MCX-1a
MCX-20 MCX-20
MCX-3a MCX-3a
MG-10 MG-10
MG-10a MG-10a
MG-15a MG-15a
MG-1a MG-1a
MG-20 MG-20
MG-3a MG-3a
MG-5a MG-5a
ML-10 ML-10
ML-1a ML-1a
ML-20 ML-20
ML-3a ML-3a
RA-.5a RA-.5a
RA-1a RA-1a
RA-2a RA-2a
RCX-10 RCX-10
RCX-20 RCX-20
RD-3.75 RD-3.75
RM-.75 RM-.75
RM-1 RM-1
RM-1.25 RM-1.25
RM-1.5 RM-1.5
RM-10 RM-10
RM-14.5 RM-14.5
RM-15 RM-15
RM-2 RM-2
RM-2.5 RM-2.5
RM-20 RM-20
RM-3 RM-3
RM-3.5 RM-3.5
RM-30 RM-30
RM-4 RM-4
RM-5 RM-5
RM-5.5 RM-5.5
RM-6 RM-6
RM-7 RM-7
RM-8 RM-8
RS-10 RS-10
RS-15 RS-15
RS-20 RS-20
RS-22 RS-22
RS-40 RS-40
RS-5a RS-5a
RS-7.5 RS-7.5
V-.75 V-.75
V-1 V-1
V-1.0 V-1.0
V-1.25 V-1.25
V-1.5 V-1.5
V-1.75 V-1.75
V-2 V-2
V-2.0 V-2.0
V-2.25 V-2.25
V-25 V-25
V-2a V-2a
V-4 V-4
V-6.0 V-6.0
V-7 V-7
County Zoning - City and County of Honolulu (3)
A-1 Low Density Apt. A-1 Low Density Apt.
A-2 Medium Density Apt. A-2 Medium Density Apt.
A-3 High Density Apt. A-3 High Density Apt.
AG-1 Restricted Agriculture AG-1 Restricted Agriculture
AG-2 General Agriculture AG-2 General Agriculture
AMX-1 Low Density Apt. Mixed Use AMX-1 Low Density Apt. Mixed Use
AMX-2 Medium Density Apt. Mixed Use AMX-2 Medium Density Apt. Mixed Use
AMX-3 High Density Apt. Mixed Use AMX-3 High Density Apt. Mixed Use
B-1 Neighborhood Business B-1 Neighborhood Business
B-2 Community Business B-2 Community Business
BMX-3 Community Business Mixed Use BMX-3 Community Business Mixed Use
BMX-4 Central Business Mixed Use BMX-4 Central Business Mixed Use
Country Country
F-1 Federal and Military F-1 Federal and Military
I-1 Industrial Limited Industrial I-1 Industrial Limited Industrial
I-2 Industrial Intensive Industrial I-2 Industrial Intensive Industrial
I-3 Industrial Waterfront Industrial I-3 Industrial Waterfront Industrial
IMX-1 Industrial Mixed Use IMX-1 Industrial Mixed Use
P-1 Restricted Preservation P-1 Restricted Preservation
P-2 General Preservation P-2 General Preservation
R-20 Residential R-20 Residential
R-10 Residential R-10 Residential
R-7.5 Residential R-7.5 Residential
R-5 Residential R-5 Residential
R-3.5 Residential R-3.5 Residential
Resort Resort
Aloha Tower Project Area Aloha Tower Project Area
Kakaako District Kakaako District
Waikiki Special District Waikiki Special District
County Zoning - Island of Maui (6)
R-0 Residential R-0 Residential
R-1 Residential R-1 Residential
R-2 Residential R-2 Residential
R-3 Residential R-3 Residential
A-1 Apartment A-1 Apartment
A-2 Apartment A-2 Apartment
D-1 Duplex D-1 Duplex
D-2 Duplex D-2 Duplex
B-1 Business - Neighborhood B-1 Business - Neighborhood
B-2 Business - Community B-2 Business - Community
B-3 Business - Central District B-3 Business - Central District
BCT Business - Country Town BCT Business - Country Town
BR Business - Resort BR Business - Resort
SBR - Service Business Residential SBR - Service Business Residential
MRA - Residential MRA - Residential
MRA - Multi Family MRA - Multi Family
MRA - Business Multi Family MRA - Business Multi Family
MRA - Commercial Mixed Use MRA - Commercial Mixed Use
MRA - Public/Quasi-Public MRA - Public/Quasi-Public
H Hotel H Hotel
H-1 Hotel H-1 Hotel
H-2 Hotel H-2 Hotel
H-M Hotel H-M Hotel
M-1 Light Industrial M-1 Light Industrial
M-2 Heavy Industrial M-2 Heavy Industrial
M-3 Heavy Industrial M-3 Heavy Industrial
AP Airport AP Airport
AG Agriculture AG Agriculture
R Rural R Rural
RU-0.5 Rural - 1/2 Acre RU-0.5 Rural - 1/2 Acre
RU-1.0 Rural - 1 Acre RU-1.0 Rural - 1 Acre
R&TP Kihei Research and Technology Park District R&TP Kihei Research and Technology Park District
R&TP2 Maui Research and Technology Park District R&TP2 Maui Research and Technology Park District
PD Project District PD Project District
CID Civic Improvement District CID Civic Improvement District
HD-1 Historic District 1 HD-1 Historic District 1
HD-2 Historic District 2 HD-2 Historic District 2
HD-3 Historic District 3 HD-3 Historic District 3
UR Urban Reserve UR Urban Reserve
P Public Use P Public Use
P-1 Public/Quasi-Public P-1 Public/Quasi-Public
PK Park PK Park
PK(GC) Park-Golf Course PK(GC) Park-Golf Course
GC Golf Course GC Golf Course
OS Open Space OS Open Space
OS-1 Open Space Passive OS-1 Open Space Passive
OS-2 Open Space Active OS-2 Open Space Active
OZ Open Zone OZ Open Zone
Beach Right-of-Way Beach Right-of-Way
Drainage Drainage
Proposed Road Proposed Road
Interim Interim
Not Zoned Not Zoned
Unzoned Road Unzoned Road
(road) (road)
Special Management Areas (21)
Important Agricultural Lands (4)
Conservation District Subzones (1)
Undesignated Undesignated
General General
Limited Limited
Protective Protective
Resource Resource
Special Special
State Land Use Districts (20)
Agricultural Agricultural
Conservation Conservation
Rural Rural
Urban Urban
Land Use Planning and Allocation Guide (LUPAG) - County of Hawaii (22)
(breakwater) (breakwater)
Conservation Conservation
Extensive Agriculture Extensive Agriculture
High Density Urban High Density Urban
Important Ag. Lands Important Ag. Lands
Industrial Industrial
Low Density Urban Low Density Urban
Medium Density Urban Medium Density Urban
Open Area Open Area
Orchards Orchards
(pond) (pond)
Resort Node Resort Node
Resort Resort
Rural Rural
Urban Expansion Urban Expansion
University Use University Use
Kauai General Plan (7)
Agricultural Agricultural
Agricultural (IAL) Agricultural (IAL)
Golf Course Golf Course
Homestead Homestead
Industrial Industrial
Large Town Large Town
Military Military
Natural Natural
Neighborhood Center Neighborhood Center
Neighborhood General Neighborhood General
Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation
Plantation Camp Plantation Camp
Provisional Agriculture Provisional Agriculture
Provisional Resort Provisional Resort
Residential Community Residential Community
Resort Resort
Small Town Small Town
Transportation Transportation
University Zone University Zone
Urban Center Urban Center
Development Plan Areas (24)
Statewide Large Landowners (19)
1250 Oceanside 1250 Oceanside
ATC Makena Land AH1 LLC ATC Makena Land AH1 LLC
Alexander & Baldwin Alexander & Baldwin
Alpha Omega Alpha Omega
Arlie & Company Arlie & Company
Austin Trusts Austin Trusts
BIVWR Investment BIVWR Investment
Bang San Ho Temple Bang San Ho Temple
Bette Midler Bette Midler
Bishop Museum Bishop Museum
Bridge Aina Lea Bridge Aina Lea
C.A. Flanigan C.A. Flanigan
Canpartners Realty Canpartners Realty
Castle & Cooke Castle & Cooke
Church Jesus Christ LDS Church Jesus Christ LDS
Cornerstone Hawaii Cornerstone Hawaii
D.C. Dunham Tr. D.C. Dunham Tr.
D.R. Campion D.R. Campion
D.R. Greenwell Trust D.R. Greenwell Trust
D.R. Horton-Schuler Homes D.R. Horton-Schuler Homes
Dillingham Ranch Aina LLC Dillingham Ranch Aina LLC
Dunbar Ranch Dunbar Ranch
E.A. Knudsen Trust E.A. Knudsen Trust
E.C. Olson E.C. Olson
E.M. Stack E.M. Stack
EWM Enterprises EWM Enterprises
Finance Factors Finance Factors
G.F. Thompson G.F. Thompson
GKK Makalei GKK Makalei
George Brown George Brown
Gill-Olson Joint Venture Gill-Olson Joint Venture
Govt. County of Hawaii Govt. County of Hawaii
Govt. County of Honolulu Govt. County of Honolulu
Govt. County of Kauai Govt. County of Kauai
Govt. County of Maui Govt. County of Maui
Govt. Federal Govt. Federal
Govt. State Govt. State
Govt. State DHHL Govt. State DHHL
Grove Farm Grove Farm
HRT Realty LLC HRT Realty LLC
Halaulani Condominium Halaulani Condominium
Haleakala Ranch Haleakala Ranch
Hana Forest Preserve Hana Forest Preserve
Hana Ranch Partners Hana Ranch Partners
Hanahuli Association Ltd. Hanahuli Association Ltd.
Haupu Land Co. Haupu Land Co.
Hawaii Conf. Foundation Hawaii Conf. Foundation
Hawaiian Electric Company Hawaiian Electric Company
Hiipaka LLC Hiipaka LLC
Hokukano Ranch Hokukano Ranch
Island Palm Communities LLC Island Palm Communities LLC
J.C. Hanwright Trust J.C. Hanwright Trust
Jawmin LLC Jawmin LLC
Jurassic Kahili Ranch Jurassic Kahili Ranch
Kaanapali Land Mgmt Corp Kaanapali Land Mgmt Corp
Kahua Ranch Kahua Ranch
Kahuku Aina Properties Kahuku Aina Properties
Kamaile Rafaelovich Kamaile Rafaelovich
Kamehameha Schools Kamehameha Schools
Kaonoulu Ranch Kaonoulu Ranch
Kapoho Land & Dev. Kapoho Land & Dev.
Kapua Orchard Estates Kapua Orchard Estates
Kau Sunshine Kau Sunshine
Kaupo Ranch Kaupo Ranch
Kawela Plantation Kawela Plantation
Kealakekua Heritage Ranch Kealakekua Heritage Ranch
Kilauea Trust I Kilauea Trust I
Kohala Preserve Kohala Preserve
Kohala Ranch Kohala Ranch
Koolau Land Partners LLC Koolau Land Partners LLC
Kualapuu Ranch Kualapuu Ranch
Kualoa Ranch Kualoa Ranch
Kukaiau Ranch Kukaiau Ranch
Kukuipahu Makai Kukuipahu Makai
L.F. Bush L.F. Bush
LLC Kawala LLC Kawala
Lanai Resorts LLC Lanai Resorts LLC
Lanihau Lanihau
Laupahoehoe Nui Laupahoehoe Nui
M. Anderson M. Anderson
M.M. Zablan M.M. Zablan
Mahaulepu Farm LLC Mahaulepu Farm LLC
Mahilani Partners Mahilani Partners
Makaiwa Hills LLC Makaiwa Hills LLC
Makila Land Makila Land
Maui Land & Pine Maui Land & Pine
Maulua Investments Maulua Investments
Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp. Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp.
McCandless Ranch McCandless Ranch
Miala Inc. Miala Inc.
Molokai Land Trust Molokai Land Trust
Molokai Ranch Molokai Ranch
Monsanto Company Monsanto Company
Nat'l Trop. Bot. Garden Nat'l Trop. Bot. Garden
New Moon Fdn. New Moon Fdn.
Newton Family Newton Family
Nuu Mauka LLC Nuu Mauka LLC
Ohana Sanctuary Ohana Sanctuary
Ohulehule Forest Conservancy Ohulehule Forest Conservancy
Olson, Edmund C. Trust No. 2 Olson, Edmund C. Trust No. 2
Omaomao Omaomao
One Keahole One Keahole
Opal V. GMBH Opal V. GMBH
P. Kawananakoa P. Kawananakoa
P.L. Castanera P.L. Castanera
Palani Ranch Palani Ranch
Parker Ranch Parker Ranch
Pioneer HI-Bred International Inc. Pioneer HI-Bred International Inc.
Pohakea Pohakea
Ponoholo Ranch Ponoholo Ranch
Princeville Dev. LLC Princeville Dev. LLC
Pua Foundation Pua Foundation
Purdyco Purdyco
Puu O Hoku Ranch Puu O Hoku Ranch
Queen Liliuokalani Trust Queen Liliuokalani Trust
Robinson Aylmer Robinson Aylmer
Robinson B.B. Robinson B.B.
Robinson Family Robinson Family
Robinson Kunia Land LLC Robinson Kunia Land LLC
Roman Catholic Church Roman Catholic Church
Ronald F. Valenta Ronald F. Valenta
S.C. Rolles Tr. S.C. Rolles Tr.
SCD-TSA Kaloko Makai SCD-TSA Kaloko Makai
SFI Kula 1800 LLC SFI Kula 1800 LLC
Sands of South Kona Sands of South Kona
Share No. 1 Share No. 1
Showe Family Showe Family
South Kona LLC South Kona LLC
Surety Kohala Surety Kohala
The Nature Conservancy The Nature Conservancy
The Queen Emma Foundation The Queen Emma Foundation
Tokyu Land Tokyu Land
Turtle Bay Resort Turtle Bay Resort
Ulupalakua Ranch Ulupalakua Ranch
Visionary LLC Visionary LLC
W.H. Rice W.H. Rice
W.H. Shipman W.H. Shipman
W.J. Paris Sr. Tr. W.J. Paris Sr. Tr.
WWK Hawaii Holdings WWK Hawaii Holdings
Waikii Ranch Waikii Ranch
Waikoloa Mauka Waikoloa Mauka
Waikoloa Village Ass. Waikoloa Village Ass.
Wailuku Water Wailuku Water
Wall Ranch Wall Ranch
Watumull Inv. Watumull Inv.
Yee Hop Yee Hop
Government Lands (23)
State State
State DHHL State DHHL
County County
Federal Federal
Parcels - Department of Defense (13)
Niihau Parcels (10)
Kauai Parcels (9)
Oahu Parcels (11)
Maui County Parcels (30)
Hawaii County Parcels (5)
TMK Zones (27)
TMK Sections (28)
TMK Plats (26)
Statewide TMKs (25)