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Layer: Reserves (ID: 1)

Name: Reserves

Display Field: name

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: Various reserves, preserves, parks, etc. as of October 2019. Reserve boundaries are generally based off of the County's tax map key (TMK) layer. Kauai County TMK 2012, Maui County TMK 2016, Honolulu and Hawaii Counties 2017. Since boundaries from other agencies are derived from different source scales, these boundaries are modified to match the TMK layer with exceptions. Note: Kaumahina State Recreation Area on Maui was digitized from USGS 7.5 minute topographic map. Update to West Maui FR 10/19; Addition to Lihue-Koloa FR 8/19; Update to Honolulu FR, Waimanalo FR and Round Top FR 7/18/18; Addition of Honouliuli NM 1/30/17; Addition of Kiholo SPR 11/03/17; Updated Puu Ka Pele FR; Nounou FR; Na Pali Kona FR; Kaohe Mitigation 9/27/17; Na Pali Kona FR & Alakai WP 6/29/17; Update to Pouhala Marsh WS and Kanaha Pond WS 5/31/17; Added Kalauao FR, Update to Waimanalo FR and Mana FR 5/16/17; Update to Kawainui Marsh W.S. 4/12/17; Update to Honolulu FR and Mauna Kea FR 01/20/17; Addition of Kure WS10/24/16. Update to Island of Oahu Waiahole FR and Kaneohe FR 9/30/16; Molokai FR and Kipahulu FR 7/7/16; Island of Hawaii Kohala FR, Hamakua FR, Mauna Kea FR, Honualua FR, Malama-Ki FR and Puu O Umi NAR 4/15/16; Forest Reserves (Kauai, Oahu, and Hawaii); Natural Area Reservess (Hawaii and Maui); National Wildlife Refuges (Statewide); National Parks (Hawaii and Maui); The Nature Conservancy (Hawaii and Maui). Additional updates to: Nanakuli F.R., Lualualei F.R., Honouliuli F.R. 2/18/16; Maui Motocross Track 2/8/16; Honuaula F.R., Kohala F.R. (Waimanu Sec.),Kaohe Mitigation & Puu Mali Mitigation1/28/16; Kahua Coop GMA 12/16/15; Waimanalo Forest Reserve 10/2/15; Kuia NAR 9/22 /15; removed Ookala Coop GMA 12/16/15. For additional information, please refer to metadata at or contact Hawaii Statewide GIS Program, Office of Planning, State of Hawaii; PO Box 2359, Honolulu, Hi. 96804; (808) 587-2846; email:; Website:

Definition Expression: N/A

Copyright Text: Compiled in 2002 by SOH, DLNR, DOFAW from various sources including the data provided by U.S. Fish and Wildllife Refuges, U.S. National Park Service, Division of State Parks, County parcel boundaries and The Nature Conservancy with input from State foresters and others familiar with the reserve boundaries. The boundaries in this layer are not final; they are updated frequently.

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Supports Statistics: true

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Can Scale Symbols: false

Use Standardized Queries: true

Supports Datum Transformation: true

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